The C.A.R.L.A. Core Team

Tom Naso - N6MVT
Tom currently works for a cellular phone carrier in Northern California as a senior cell site field engineer. He also worked for several years with a Motorola service shop as a mountain top & field technician. His years of experience in the professional wireless industry lends itself quite well to ham repeater site installation and support. He lives in Lafayette with his wife and the "four legged welcoming committee". Tom is one of the founders of C.A.R.L.A.

Jeff Cohn - N6QOP
Jeff has been employed with Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley for over 20 years as a Solaris Systems Administrator. He does the majority of the controller programming for the system and is also one of the webmasters for this site, contributing content and concepts. He lives in San Leandro about five minutes from the Oakland Airport. Jeff is one of the founders of C.A.R.L.A.

Victor Aelion - N6QOO
Victor is currently a television transmitter engineer in the S.F Bay Area and has worked on the transmitters at Sutro Tower. He also currently runs his own business in the Screen Printing industry. Victor is one of the webmasters and contributes graphic content to the site. He currently lives in the Oakland Hills. Victor is one of the founders of C.A.R.L.A.

Skip Hamer - N6IRF (SK)
Skip was the initial driving force behind what is now the C.A.R.L.A. Repeater System. He owned Broadcast Engineering Services in the S.F Bay Area until he became a Silent Key in the late 90's.